10th International Conference on the History of Cartography
29 August – 2 September 1983 — Dublin

Held at Trinity College, with main coordinators J. H. Andrews and A. A. Horner. Attendance estimated at about 200.

Thematic sections were "The Cartographer’s Sources and Methods," "Colonial Cartography," "Early Modern Cartography," "Agrarian Cartography," "The Methods and Work of Individual Cartographers," "Far Eastern Sources and Methods," "The History of Map Collecting." The conference ended with a discussion on the future of the history of cartography.

There were five exhibitions,

  1. "Landed Estate Maps 1598-1900," at the National Library of Ireland;
  2. "The Dublin City Surveyor’s Book of Maps," at Dublin City Hall;
  3. "The Irish Maps of Lord Carew," at Trinity College;
  4. "Travel Books and the Age of Discovery," at Marsh’s Library; and
  5. "A Century and a Half of Irish Ordnance Survey Maps," at the office of the Ordnance Survey of Ireland in Phoenix Park.

Two excursions were offered, one a full-day bus tour through County Kildare and parts of other counties, and a foot excursion on medieval and early modern Dublin.

This was also the first ICHC to host an ISCEM meeting (see introduction). There were 46 papers, 41 of which were distributed in advance, and also a booklet of abstracts. There was also a pre-conference meeting of the Commission on the History of Cartography of the International Cartographic Association, on the theme "Cartographic innovation, an historical perspective."

Papers 10th ICHC

  1. Special pre-conference lecture: Baynes-Cope, A. D. Forgeries and Maps.
  2. Adams, I. H. The Scottish Land Surveyor and the Kondratieff Cycle.
  3. Andrews, John H. The Cartographic Personality of Ireland.
  4. Aujac, Germaine. Le parallèle de Rhodes dans la géographie de Ptolemée. (9pp)
  5. Barber, Peter M. Maps and the General: The Working Maps of the First Duke of Marlborough. (10pp)
  6. Buisseret, David J. The Work of Jacques Fougeu 1590-1610. (9pp)
  7. Campbell, Tony. The Toponymy of Early Portolan Charts–A Neglected Key to Their Understanding (10pp)
  8. Clarke, R. S. J. The Irish Charts in Le Neptune Francois: Their Sources and Influence. (5pp)
  9. Conzen, Michael P. Purveying the American Dream: Commercial Development and Social Transformation of the County Land Ownership in America, 1817-1939. (8pp)
  10. Cook, Andrew S. The Training of East India Company Surveyors in the Early Nineteenth Century. (10pp)
  11. Danckaert, Lisette. Le Commandant Lemaire et ses levés cartographique rudimentaires au Congo. (8pp)
  12. Danforth, Susan L. Elegance and Utility in Early American Cartography: The Case of John Norman. (10pp)
  13. Delano-Smith, Catherine. Cartographic Signs and Their Explanation before the Characteristic Sheet. (13pp).
  14. Desreumaux, Roger. L’arpenteur, temoin des mentalités de son temps. (10pp)
  15. Eden, Peter. Estate Surveyors in Britain 1550-1850: A Study in the Structure of Occupations. (9pp)
  16. Ehrenberg, Ralph E. Mineralogical and Geological Information on Maps before 1830. (14pp)
  17. Foss, Theodore Nicholas. Chinese Assistants in the Jesuit Survey of the Chinese Empire, 1708-1718: The Making of an Atlas. (12pp)
  18. Hood, Annie. The Map Collection of William Wyndham Grenville. (9pp)
  19. Hsu, Mei-Ling. A Chinese Planning Map of the Fourth Century B.C. (5pp)
  20. Icenogle, David. American Cartographic Activities in Northeastern Africa 1870-1878. (10pp)
  21. Julien, Virginia. New Colonial History from Old Maps: The Works of Thomas Hutchins Map the Rise of the American Republic.
  22. Lawrence, Heather. John Norden and his Colleaguers: Surveyors of Crown Lands. (8pp)
  23. McCune, Shannon. Antecedents of a Commodore Perry Map of Korea of 1854. (10pp,1 map)
  24. Mikós, Michael J. Joachim Lelewel and his Collection of Maps. (9pp)
  25. Milinusic, Tomislav F. Accuracy of Coastal Outline on Early Maps of Cyprus. (16pp)
  26. Pastoureau, Mireille. Collections et collectionneurs de cartes en France, sous l’Ancien Regime. (7pp)
  27. Pearson, Karen. Mechanisation and the Area Symbol; Cartographic Techniques in Nineteenth Century Geographical Journals.
  28. Pedley, Mary. Cartography in the Courtroom: The Atlas Universel Lawsuit of 1754. (12pp)
  29. Pelletier, Monique. La Martinique et la Guadeloupe au lendemain du traité de Paris (10 febrier 1763).
  30. Rainero, Romain H. Atlas inédit d’un cartographe milanais du 16e siècle: Urbano Monte et son Trattato Universale. (9pp)
  31. Raynaud-Nguyen, Isabelle. Les sources et les méthodes du cartographe Jacobus de Maggiolo: une carte de 1563. (11pp)
  32. Reinhartz, Dennis. Herman Moll and the Mapping of the Trans-Mississippi American West. (14pp)
  33. Robinson, Arthur H. The First Flow Maps in Ireland, Belgium and France. (10pp)
  34. Ruggles, R. I. Colonial Cartography by a Fur Trading Company: Joseph Despard Pemberton of the Hudson’s Bay Company in the Colony of Vancouver’s Island 1851-1859. (10pp)
  35. Schilder, Günter. Cornelis Claeszoon, Founder and Stimulator of Dutch Maritime and Colonial Cartography. (10pp)
  36. Scurfield, Judith M. The Landscape of 17th Century England: The Southern Pennines. (15pp)
  37. Sebert, Lou M. The Use of Township Surveys for the First Large-Scale Mapping of Colonial Canada. (10pp,5 tab.)
  38. Smith, T. R. Rhumb Lines in Early Portolan Charts.
  39. Solnick, Bruce B. Colonization and Cartography: The Non-Spanish Caribbean, c. 1620-1763. (11pp)
  40. Stephenson, R. W. The Henry Harrisse Collection of Publications, Papers and Maps Pertaining to the Early Exploration of America.
  41. Stone, Jeffrey C. The Compilation Map: A Technique for Topographic Mapping by British Colonial Surveys, with Particular Reference to Northern Rhodesia. (9pp,1 map)
  42. Szykula, Krystyna. Atlas factice of the Machnizkies–Unique Collection from the 16th to the 19th Century. (14pp)
  43. Thrower, Norman J. W., and Howse, Derek. A Buccaneer’s Atlas: The South Sea Waggoner of Basil Ringrose, 1682. (9pp)
  44. Unno, Kazutaka. Early European Cartography of Korea. (5pp)
  45. Wallis, Helen. Aspects of Colonial Cartography. (11pp)
  46. Woodward, David. Scientific Physical Analysis of Early Maps: Opportunities and Realities. (10pp)

Papers read at the pre-conference meeting “Cartographic innovation, an historical perspective”

  1. Andrews, John H. Irish Thematic Maps of Henry Harness.
  2. Delano Smith, Catherine. What is a Prehistoric Map?
  3. Wallis, Helen. The Nature of Cartographic Innovation.


Participants also received two printed works: Paul Ferguson, Irish Map History: A Select Bibliography of Secondary Works, 1850-1983, on the History of Cartography in Ireland (Dublin, 1983)(v,26 pp); and J. H. Andrews, The Oldest Maps of Dublin (Dublin, 1983). There was also distributed an anonymous paper "The Irish Maps of Lord Carew" (17pp,1ill), in connection with the exhibition by that name at Trinity College Library.


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