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Motion in Maps, Maps in Motion
Mapping Stories and Movement through Time
Edited by Zef Segal and Bram Vannieuwenhuyze

Motion in Maps, Maps in Motion argues that the mapping of stories, movement, and change should not be understood as an innovation of contemporary cartography, but rather as an important aspect of human cartography with a longer history than might be assumed. The authors in this collection reflect upon the main characteristics and evolutions of story and motion mapping,…

Jansoniuslezing 2021
Jansonius Lecture 2021

De Jansoniuslezing van januari 2021 zal helaas niet plaatsvinden vanwege het coronavirus. We hopen iedereen in januari 2022 weer te ontmoeten.

The Jansonius Lecture of January 2021 is cancelled due to the circumstances caused by the coronavirus. We hope to see you again in January 2022.

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