Explokart Fellowship

Explokart fellowships are granted yearly to scholars who want to study the history of cartography and explore the rich map collections in Amsterdam and beyond, in close collaboration with the Explokart chair of historical cartography at the University of Amsterdam and Allard Pierson.

No more applications will be granted.

Previous Explokart Fellows

Suzie Hermán

For her dissertation research The Art World of the Hanse, Suzie Hermán considers the material legacy of Hanse merchants and elicits the Low Countries as a cultural cross-road. Her study of the commercial, diplomatic, and artistic network of the Hansards and the art, architecture, city views, maps, and books commissioned by these merchants, makes insightful the ways in which they operated as producers of knowledge and agents of cultural exchange.

Suzie Hermán is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Art & Archaeology of Princeton University. She worked as guest researcher at Leiden University at the Institute for History and currently conducts research at the Centre for Arts in Society. Between 2020-2021 Suzie held the Andrew W. Mellon fellowship at the Rijksmuseum.

Research Stay: February – May 2022

Anna Sejbæk Torp-Pedersen

The historiography of a recent past, presented in Theatre of War (1721) by Pieter Schenkis a unique insight into a historical shift in Dutch self-representation. It narrates the war of the Spanish Succession in the early 1700. To analyse this, I approach the importance of historical cartography as entertainment and a political message. I use narrative cartography as an approach to comprehend the historical reception of maps, the discourse of the narrative, and the veneer of drama and entertainment political messages are wrapped in. 

Anna Sejbæk Torp-Pedersen has an MA in Contemporary Art History from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and a BA in Art History from The Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London. She is currently researching issues of cartographic representation and migration.

Research Stay: November 2021 – April 2022